ActiveFence Engineering

ActiveFence is driven by a clear mission – to make the internet a safer place. At ActiveFence R&D, our backend, frontend, data engineers, and data scientists – all work together to further this mission at scale. We are tasked with the unique challenge of building innovative, tech-first solutions to some of the internet’s most complex, nuanced problems.  This blog will share the knowledge gained in this endeavor, in it, we will showcase the distinct challenges we face, our complex development processes, and the revolutionary solutions we create. By sharing this knowledge, we hope to inspire other teams – whether academic or industry-focused, to join our mission to make the internet safer and to think creatively about the challenge of online safety.

“R&D is a critical component of any Trust & Safety organization. The challenge of making online spaces safer requires the dedication of skilled data scientists, engineers, and developers.  At ActiveFence R&D, we believe that tech solutions to the internet’s most complex problems require collaboration and knowledge sharing between companies, academic institutions, and research organizations. By working together, we can create new opportunities and innovations and provide access to new resources and expertise to those with limited in-house capabilities.

An R&D division can play a crucial role in the Trust & Safety world by developing new technologies and techniques for identifying and mitigating risks and ensuring user safety. At ActiveFence, the R&D team develops machine learning algorithms for detecting harmful content, researching new methods for protecting user privacy, and helping the company stay ahead of evolving threats and trends in the cyber safety landscape, allowing them to address potential threats before they reach users proactively.”

Iftach Orr, Co-Founder & CTO